Unique rider stories

Below are some unique stories provided by riders, it shows how the ITN service is not only dignified but can build relationships between rider and driver. This unique service is not only about transportation but buiding friendships and helping to keep independence for seniors and the visually impaired. You can become a member completing an online or downloadable application.

Dear ITN,

I’m writing this to let you know what happened to me after Mary and Sam were very nice to help me in an emergency.

A morning in December I got an early morning call from Maine Medical Center to tell me I needed to get there. Sam came and picked me up which I will ever be thankful for. After a week these they found out I was bleeding internally and also have a bad liver.

I went directly to assisted living in Auburn near my son. As you can see my sight is bad. I can’t call long distance but can call my son in Lewiston. It has been bothering me that I haven’t shown you how thankful I am even though this is messy. I can’t see the lines at all.  I have enjoyed ITN so much after my husband died. It was great to be able to do independent.

I liked the drivers. If Paula is still there please tell her I miss her. And Sam I’m glad I finally met the kind voice on the other end of the line. Keep up the good work.  Enjoyed talking to you, Mary. This letter is looking worse as I go on. I also want to say if I have any money on the books please keep it as a donation. I always wanted to help but couldn’t. Hope you can read this.

Sent with love,

Former rider who moved out of the Portland area

Written by Former ITNPortland rider